About Brass Lantern Books

Welcome, and thank you for dropping in to Brass Lantern Books!
Last update: November 2018

We specialize in hard-to-find and rare vintage books by authors such as Enid Blyton, Norman Hunter, Alfred Hitchcock, Carolyn Keene, and more! All the books you remember reading when you were younger, in the same editions and prints from your memories. 

Each book has been thoroughly inspected and catalogued, and we will never sell you a book we wouldn't be proud to have on our own bookshelves!

BUYING, SHIPPING, and CONTACT: Please review the Shop Policies to get a better idea of how we will handle and ship off your books to you! Your suggestions, comments, and ideas are always welcome-- please contact us if you have any questions or feedback!

We appreciate your interest & your business! Thank you for supporting local booksellers and keeping the book industry alive!

- The Brass Lantern Books team

Our Goal

Our goal at Brass Lantern is to provide easy access to books which have traditionally been difficult to find in North America, as well as provide a destination for Canadian collectors of rare books. We're here for those that don't enjoy buying from the "traditional" book sources (Amazon, Chapters, eBay, et al) and prefer to deal with real people with real passion for books.

What Makes Brass Lantern Different?

At Brass Lantern, we pride ourselves on the following differences: 

  • We're local, independent, small, and passionate about books

  • We distribute books directly from Canada for quick shipping 

  • All books are inspected thoroughly for damage, writing, and defects 

  • Any faults of the book are described in detail for each listing- you always know exactly what you're getting

  • We're trustworthy, reliable, and reachable any time for questions or inquiries!