Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt

Norman Hunter


An older version of the classic Norman Hunter novel, Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt, with plenty of in-book illustrations and barely-broken-in pages. A great addition to any collector's (or collector's childrens') bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but on the whole, is in great shape (especially for a book published in the 60s). Except for the small flaws below, the book still has a sturdy feeling when picked up. 

Printing/binding: Paperback
Illustrations: George Adamson
Publisher: Puffin Books
Published in: 1966
Pages: 195

About this book-- from the inside flyleaf:

"When it was a case of inventing an unspillable teacup, or a collapsible-cum-expandable house, or a liquid carpet to be applied with a brush, or a machine for peeling and pipping grapes, a bomb or a fire alarm, Professor Branestawm was the man for the job. His interests were wide, and his intentions excellent, but it simply isn't any joke to be an inventor, or to be anywhere near one, as the Professor's military friend Colonel Dedshott and his long-suffering housekeeper Mrs. Flittersnoop well knew."


Condition: Good

- Front cover corners and edges very slightly torn
- Front cover has a small fold in the right edge and the words "3/6" have worn off (see picture 1, left)
- Exterior spine at top and bottom have a couple of minor tears (see picture 3, left)
- Covers have light dings and scratches, but nothing major


Condition: Very Good

- Pages are extraordinarily clean
- Slight eraser marks on front flyleaf, back flyleaf is clean
- Spine is still tight and pages are still crisp with very slight folding


As always, all books offered by the Brass Lantern Book Shoppe are in a shape we'd be proud to have on our own bookshelves. 
In fact, we do proudly display them there-- until you buy them for your own :). 

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