The Secret Seven Collection - 4 Stories - Hodder 2004 Hardcover

Enid Blyton


A compilation of 4 Secret Seven stories by Enid Blyton, designed to delight collectors (or collectors' children!) of all ages. With a full-colour pictorial hardcover, dustjacket, and barely-broken-in pages, this is a great addition to any bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but on the whole, is in great shape. Except for the small flaws below, the book has that sturdy, "almost new" feeling when picked up. 

Printing/binding: Hardcover
Illustrations: No artist named; fully illustrated
Publisher: Hodder
Published in: 2004
Pages: 500

Included stories:

- The Secret Seven

- Secret Seven Adventure

- Well Done, Secret Seven

- Secret Seven on the Trail




Condition: Very Good

- Spine has a few creases
- Dustjacket has some visible creases


Condition: Very Good

- Pages are extraordinarily clean
- Clean flyleafs
- Spine is still tight and pages are still crisp with no folding

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