A Little Princess - Dell Yearling

Frances Hodgson Burnett


"Sara Crewe seemed just like a real princess..."

Multiple copies of the Dell Yearling 1975/1979 releases of the classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Printing/binding: Paperback
Illustrations: None
Publisher: Dell Yearling
Published in: 1975/79
Pages: 240

About this book-- from the back cover:

"Sara Crewe is a gifted and well-mannered child, and Captain Crewe, her father, is an extraordinarily wealthy man. So Miss Minchin, mistress of Sara's boarding school, has no choice but to treat Sara as her star pupil - a little princess. Suddenly one day all of the lovely people and things Sara knows are cruelly taken from her, for her father has died penniless in India. Miss Minchin can now show her greedy and vengeful nature to its fullest. The little princess is reduced to a beggar and a drudge. But Sara is strong-willed and courageous, and with the help of a pet monkey, an Indian lascar, and a strange, ailing gentleman, she not only survives her sufferings but helps two pathetic friends to survive as well."




Visible wear-and-tear around the edges of the covers and exterior spine
- Visible tears or rips


Condition: Very Good

- Pages are extraordinarily clean
- No markings on flyleaf
- Spine is still tight and pages are still crisp
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