The Adventures of Scamp - Red Fox 1992 Paperback

Enid Blyton


This is one of the "Animal Stories" by Enid Blyton. A great addition to any collector's (or collector's children's) bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but is in good shape for a vintage paperback.

Printing/binding: Cox & Wyman Ltd.
Cover Illustration: Lynne Willey
Publisher: Red Fox
Published in: 1992
Pages: 87

About this book-- from the back cover:

"'Two of the puppies are going away to new homes this after noon,' said their mother. 'Have you chosen yours yet?'

'Yes,' said Joan, and she held up the puppy in her arms. 'This one! He's awfully naughty.'

'Well, for goodness' sake don't choose him then,' said their mother in alarm.

But the children do choose Scamp and although the mischievous puppy lives up to his name, he also proves to be a loyal and trusty friend"


Condition: Acceptable

- Quite a few long creases on the front and back covers, as well as the spine.
- Small tear near the bottom of the front spine


Condition: Very Good

- Pages are extraordinarily clean
- Former owner's name is written on the front flyleaf in ink (crossed out) - see picture 4, left.
- Spine is still tight and pages are still crisp with no folding
As always, all books offered by the Brass Lantern Book Shoppe are in a shape we'd be proud to have on our own bookshelves. In fact, we do proudly display them there-- until you buy them for your own :). 
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