Malory Towers 6 - Last Term at Malory Towers - Rewards

Enid Blyton


This is the sixth book (6th) in Enid Blyton's Malory Towers set (original series) of 6 books with a full-colour pictorial hardcover and barely-broken-in pages. A great addition to any collector's (or collector's children's) bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but on the whole, is in great shape.

Printing/binding: Rewards
Cover Illustration: Liz Roberts
Publisher: Dean
Published in: 1994
Pages: 146

About this book-- from

"In this final book about the girls at Malory Towers, Darrell becomes head girl. Unfortunately not all the girls are as responsible as she is and in her last term Darrell sees many changes in her old school friends."


Condition: Good

- Spine is warped slightly so the front half of the book extends further than the back half
- Minor dings, scratches, and folds
- Remnants of a price label on the back cover


Condition: Very Good

- Pages are extraordinarily clean
- Front flyleaf has remnant from where a price was penciled in, back flyleaf is clean
- Spine is still relatively tight and pages are still crisp with no folding

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