The Mountain of Adventure - Armada 1969 Paperback

Enid Blyton


This is one of the books in the "Adventure" series by Enid Blyton. A great addition to any collector's (or collector's children's) bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but on the whole, is in great shape for a vintage paperback.

Printing/binding: Love & Malcomson Ltd.
Cover Illustration: unknown
Publisher: Armada
Published in: 1969
Pages: 192

About this book-- from the back cover:

"What was the secret of the Welsh Mountain? What made the ground tremble, the earth rumble and roar beneath their feet? What was causing the curious clouds of crimson smoke? Philip, Dinah, Jack, Lucy-Ann and Bill Smugs, not forgetting Kiki, the cheeky talking parrot, are on holiday in the Welsh mountains. Once again, they find themselves in the thick of a gripping adventure - taking a donkey ride to danger in THE MOUNTAIN OF ADVENTURE"


Condition: Acceptable

- Long creases on the front and back covers
- A bit worn around all edges for both covers
- Small tears at the top and bottom back left of the spine
- Slight discolouration of the top left back cover (green smudge)


Condition: Good

- Pages are clean and crisp, no folding
- Spine is a bit worn-in in parts
- Tops and sides of some pages have minor bends or tears
As always, all books offered by the Brass Lantern Book Shoppe are in a shape we'd be proud to have on our own bookshelves. In fact, we do proudly display them there-- until you buy them for your own :). 
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