Mr. Pink-Whistle Interferes - Rewards

Enid Blyton


This is the one of the many short story collections about Mr. Pink-Whistle in Enid Blyton's repertoire. With a full-colour pictorial hardcover and crisp pages, this is a great addition to any collector's (or collector's children's) bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but on the whole, is in good shape. The binding is a bit worn in a few places, and the inside has become yellowed with age, but the pages are still clean and flat. 

Printing/binding: Rewards
Illustrations: unknown
Publisher: Dean & Son Ltd.
Published in: 1970
Pages: 184

About this book-- from Navrang:

"Mr Pink-Whistle is half brownie and half person, and his friend Sooty, the big black cat, can talk. But Mr Pink-Whistle can also make himself invisible, which means that he can do what he enjoys most - helping people.

Tom Twisty cheats all his customers at market and nobody dares to complain, but he soon finds out that Mr Pink-Whistle has been watching his tricks..."


Condition: Good

- Front cover has small crease on left side
- Top and bottom edges of front and back covers have small dings in a few places-- see picture 2, left
- Exterior spine at top and bottom and cover folds have some folds-- see pictures 3 and 4, left
- Corners of covers are folded in slightly-- see picture 5, left


Condition: Good

- Pages are clean and flat
- Both flyleafs are free of markings
- Spine is slightly loose at the front, gets tighter closer to the back
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