The Birthday Kitten - Beaver 1984 Paperback

Enid Blyton


This is one of the "Animal Stories" by Enid Blyton. A great addition to any collector's (or collector's children's) bookshelf!

The book has been previously owned, but is in good shape for a vintage paperback.

Printing/binding: Anchor Brendon Limited
Cover Illustration: Unknown
Interior Illustrations: Joyce Smith and David Dowland
Publisher: Beaver Books
Published in: 1984
Pages: 95

About this book-- from the back cover:

"There is one thing twins Terry and Tessie want more than anything else for their ninth birthday - a puppy or kitten of their own. So when there is no pet among their presents on their birthday morning, they are just a little bit sad.

But later, while they are playing with Terry's new boat, they notice a small, wriggling bundle in the pond. They rescue it - and find a tiny, half-drowned kitten. But what will their mother say when they take it home?"


Condition: Acceptable

- Many small creases on the front and back covers, as well as the spine.
- Bottom of the front cover is slightly folded and creased.


Condition: Very Good

- Pages are extraordinarily clean
- Two words are written on the front flyleaf in ink (crossed out)
- Spine is still tight and pages are still crisp, although slightly bent at the corners.
As always, all books offered by the Brass Lantern Book Shoppe are in a shape we'd be proud to have on our own bookshelves. In fact, we do proudly display them there-- until you buy them for your own :). 
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